Every day, Airmen face intense stress and are expected to perform superior to the average individual despite that stress. But are high-performing individuals born… or made? Over the last several decades, scientists, human resources experts, and elite teams have focused on identifying factors contributing to a person’s ability to perform well under immense pressure.

Studies show that with guided rest and practice, the brain can be trained to perform well even in activated states. To enhance performance, Airmen can benefit from spending time in a healthy, curated environment like the MindGym to decompress, reflect, and prepare for the job’s unique challenges.

Characteristics of High-Performing Individuals

Elite-performing individuals demonstrate a remarkable ability to complete tasks, stay focused, and manage stress even when facing a high cognitive load. For members of the armed forces, being a high-performing individual takes on heightened importance and meaning. From the first moment an Airmen enlists, he or she is plunged into a completely unique, unfamiliar, highly structured, demanding lifestyle. To thrive, and even survive, military members must meet their fullest potential.

High Performers Are Resilient

All military members face unique, demanding situations that everyday civilians could never imagine. Airmen must be resilient, approaching day-to-day life and extreme situations alike with grit and determination. When faced with strenuous circumstances, high-performing individuals adapt rather than crumble.

High Performers Continuously Improve

Top military personnel remain coachable and open to feedback on weaknesses, fully embracing a mindset of continuous self-assessment and improvement. Focusing on personal growth while still following protocol allows high-performing Airmen to fulfill their duties and set high standards for excellence.

High Performers Excel in Teams

Airmen rely on their peers, forming strong relationships that often last a lifetime. Successful military units foster an environment of trust, where each member is accountable to the team. Each team member must check their egos, understand their roles, and execute their responsibilities flawlessly while trusting others to do the same.

Enhance Performance with MindGym Sessions

With the MindGym, Airmen can decompress from stressful scenarios for maximum recovery and train for the next high-stakes circumstance they may face.

How It Works

Unlike other training programs, the MindGym coaches participants using breathwork, meditation, and guided prompts in a controlled environment. This low-pressure yet highly engaging environment allows participants to hit the reset button and thus perform well when they need it most.

The Physical Environment of the MindGym
The MindGym is a carefully constructed cube fitted with floor-to-ceiling mirrors. This enclosed environment creates a heightened sense of solitude, and the reflective walls encourage deep introspection. Completely soundproofed, the MindGym is a safe escape from military duties where Airmen can practice stress management and train to handle future crises.

The MindGym’s Programming
The MindGym is pre-programmed with bio lessons that coach trainees on how to use stress to their advantage in dire circumstances. These lessons incorporate guided breathwork and meditative prompts to train Airmen on how to enter a focused, present state before or during moments when they must perform at their highest.

On the other hand, MindGym also has modules that focus on decompressing after a stressful event. Staying in an activated state for too long can create substantial strain on the body and mind — the MindGym walks trainees through how to come down from a fight-or-flight mindset safely and effectively. Not only that, the MindGym also has modules designed for everyday stress management.

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If you don’t have access to a MindGym, reach out to us today. We’d love to share more about how the MindGym can benefit your team.

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Benefits of the MindGym

Regular training prepares the mind to face intense stressors so that in the heat of the moment, Airmen are better-equipped to respond appropriately. In high-pressure scenarios, well-rested and well-prepared individuals tend to demonstrate:

  • Improved task accuracy
  • Increased cognitive performance
  • And improved decision-making

Rest and Recover
Just like the body needs time to heal after an intense workout, the mind needs to recover from operating in an activated state. High achievers often exhibit greater neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to reorganize neural pathways and adapt to new experiences. Their brains are more receptive to learning and forming new connections, enabling them to continuously acquire new skills and knowledge. To improve neuroplasticity, the brain needs rest — and the MindGym provides the perfect place to do that.

Prepare and Practice
The sympathetic nervous system, which includes the amygdala and hippocampus, is involved in emotional processing and regulation. High performers may experience healthy stress during intense situations that trigger a fight-or-flight response, allowing them to persevere, focus, and ultimately survive crises. MindGym training sessions provide an environment for Airmen to practice tactics that can help them adapt during real-life stressful situations. Through controlled practice, the mind slowly begins to create connections in a safe environment that can later be accessed in activated states.