Welcome to MindGym

MindGym is a mind and body tool like no other, totally immersive and radically different. You don’t just experience MindGym — you experience you.

Choose Session
Choose Session

MindGym is fitted with custom-designed programming so you can refresh, challenge, or engage your mind. Whether it’s your first session or your hundredth, you can choose your path.

Select Biosensors
Select Biosensors

Once you choose your journey, it’s time to embark — but not without the right tools. Wearable technology allows the MindGym to analyze your performance, monitor your stress levels, and more.


When you first open the doors to MindGym, you’ll be struck by… you. MindGym is a cube constructed with mirrors that line all interior surfaces, a reminder that you are the key to mastering your mind.

Master your Mind
Master your Mind

When you’re ready, you’ll start your session. MindGym will immerse you into a restful state using choreographed low sensory light and ambient sounds, guiding you through an experience like no other.

Receive Biofeedback
Receive Biofeedback

After your training session is complete, MindGym will provide feedback on how your body and brain responded. Upon each return, MindGym will remember you and tailor sessions to your goals and preferences. 

Why Choose MindGym?

Proven Techniques

From the physical construction of MindGym to the technology used in each session, our training is backed by principles of neuroscience.

Faster Results

Because MindGym is fully immersive, users tend to experience benefits similar to those unlocked through years of intensive meditation in as little as one session.

Highly Individualized

Every person who enters MindGym has lived a unique experience, and MindGym flexes to help each trainee flourish.

Who MindGym Is For

MindGym was developed with high-performance individuals in mind. Just like you need to train your body to handle strenuous conditions, your mind needs that same level of commitment. By training your brain, you can become more mentally resilient and capable of more than you ever imagined.

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Interacting with MindGym

Choosing your experience in the MindGym starts with navigating our intuitive interface, accessible just outside the cube, provided equipment, and even your personal devices. MindGym training sessions are entirely self-guided, whether it’s your first session or your hundredth.

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What to Expect from Your First Session

MindGym is an innovative training environment that you’ve never experienced before — but you won’t go into your sessions without instruction. Once you sign in outside the cube, you’ll have thirty seconds to enter and start your session. You’ll watch a brief introductory video, and then you’ll fill out a brief questionnaire. After orientation is complete, you’ll participate in your first training session. Upon finishing, you’ll take one more questionnaire, then you get to review your results.

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MindGym Over Time

When you return, you’ll be able to dive right into whatever session meets your needs. As you progress through MindGym’s curriculum, you’ll be able to tailor your training based on your goals. And as we unlock new features, you’ll be able to experience them firsthand, including our mobile app, launching soon.


The Science Behind MindGym

MindGym was developed after years of studying proven brain training tactics.


Our Results

The effects of MindGym are staggering — but don’t just take it from us.