Our Mission

At Lumena, our mission is to better human performance through awe-inspiring cognitive experiences. Through our innovation, we create products that blend cutting-edge technology and emerging sciences.

Our Values


We are deeply rooted in research, build upon tested ideas, and learn from data. We collaborate with esteemed institutions and we contribute to advancing our field.

Test the Limits

We are venturing into new territory on the edges of science, art, and internal experience, pushing ourselves to do things that have never been done before.

IRL First

We believe that real-life interactions are more powerful than those that take place in a virtual realm and we embrace the challenge of creating in-person experiences.

Elevate our Community

Through our products, we empower those around us to be their best selves by equipping them with the tools to become more internally resourceful.

Cultivate Mastery

We value the potential of individuals who are passionate in their craft and empower their success, while maintaining high standards for quality.

Want to Join Our Team?

We’re always looking to meet like-minded individuals. If you’d like to inquire about open positions, leave your contact information below and we’ll reach out as opportunities arise.