Cannon Air Force Base uses MindGym among resiliency teams

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Headshot of Sonya Barnett, Director of Customer Success at Lumena Labs
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Sonya Barnett

Director of Customer Success

Sonya started her career in the consulting world, focused within the Information Technology and Communications & Media industries  For nearly 6 years, she helped her clients navigate both large-scale and small-scale digital transformations by modernizing their systems, documenting processes, and improving ways of working.

Sonya is passionate about helping teams understand how to organize and work together more effectively. She strives to be a leader with respect, empathy, and compassion, and challenges her teams to think outside the box. She is energized by working directly with customers to increase utilization of the MindGym and support them throughout their journey with Lumena.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sonya enjoys spending time outside in the mountains and is very interested in health and wellness.  She grew up in Vail, CO where she learned to love skiing at a young age and has adopted it as a lifelong passion in her life.  Additionally, Sonya rescued a puppy during March of 2020 named Kuna and she loves to take her on hikes or walks in the park to play fetch.