It’s time to train our minds.

Build resilience. Unlock your potential.

Become a stronger you.

Just like our bodies lose strength when we don’t exercise, we lose mental stamina when we don’t challenge our minds. With the right training, your mind can reach unfathomable limits, and the benefits you’ll experience? Seemingly unbelievable.

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The Science

Inside MindGym

Studies prove that when we focus on ourselves — really, deeply focus on ourselves, with no distractions — we can experience feelings of peace, ecstasy, and purpose.



What is the MindGym, and how does it work?

The MindGym is a 7×7 foot cube that utilizes the combined power of isolation, reflection, light, and sound to create an immersive environment designed to help you master your mind.

What are the benefits of using the MindGym?

The benefits of using the MindGym are vast and will differ from person to person depending on each trainee’s goals, health background, and brain chemistry. That said, trainees typically experienced reduced symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and self-doubt after using the MindGym.

Where can I try the MindGym?

We’d love for you to experience the power of the MindGym! Give us a shout, and we’ll be in touch to find the closest demo location near you.

How is this different from VR?

Virtual reality environments can be created in any space with the right equipment, transforming the area around you. In contrast, the MindGym uses a specially designed physical space alongside programming to create a physically immersive experience.