The Science Behind MindGym

When creating MindGym, we referenced decades of scientific studies and theories to create a revolutionary, immersive environment for the mind.

Science We Use


Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that measures brainwave activity through wearable tech. The feedback is captured and presented in real-time, allowing the user to become more attuned to the inner workings of their mind. Understanding how the brain responds to various stimuli and stressors through neurofeedback unlocks the ability to self-regulate brain function, potentially improving attention, mood, and cognitive performance.

Focused Attention Meditation

Focused attention meditation, or FAM, involves directing one’s attention to a specific point, object, or thought, such as breathing patterns or a specific mantra. FAM cultivates mindfulness and concentration, helping individuals develop a heightened awareness of the present moment. When practiced regularly, meditation is shown to improve symptoms of anxiety, depression, inattentiveness, and other forms of cognitive dysfunction.

Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation involves creating an environment with minimal or no sensory input, most commonly achieved through floating in a soundproof and light proof tank filled with warm saltwater. Sensory deprivation tanks aim to provide a disconnect from the body so a user can focus on their mind. In MindGym, we deprive the individual of external stimuli to induce a transcendental state of deep relaxation, altered consciousness, and heightened introspection.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are an auditory illusion created when two slightly different frequencies that mimic the frequency of brain waves are simultaneously presented separately to each ear. The brain perceives a third tone, the binaural beat, which can improve cognition, memory, and mood depending on the frequency of the generated beat. MindGym integrates binaural beats in training modules to engage the subconscious and promote healing.


MindGym Works

We built MindGym because there was nothing else like it — a fully immersive experience that uses five core components to tap into the scientific benefits we describe above.

animated isolation loop icon

MindGym taps into the same benefits you experience from sensory deprivation but with a more carefully curated environment that creates a positive feedback loop rather than a state of nothingness.

animated loop icon of light

MindGym projects images onto its walls designed to immerse the trainee in a tangible environment. We’ve incorporated key principles of chromotherapy in the MindGym’s programming so trainees can reap the benefits in a controlled environment.

reflection loop icon

We use floor-to-ceiling mirrors for two main reasons: to invoke the sensation of limitless space and to prompt self-reflection.

looping animated sound icon

MindGym utilizes binaural tones, custom-composed music, and meditation prompts to guide the brain to a heightened cognitive state in each session.

looping animation depicting neurofeedback

MindGym will analyze neurofeedback to adjust programming and report on results during and after each session.

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Core Results

Average quantitative outcomes after just one 20-minute session in MindGym. *Hill Air Force Base 2022

Improvement in reaction time under stress


Improvement in mental wellness and mood


Improvement in accuracy under stress


Reduction in overall stress