Cannon Air Force Base uses MindGym among resiliency teams

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Headshot of Brandon Murphy, Head of Growth at Lumena Labs
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Brandon Murphy

Head of Growth

Brandon Murphy combines his passion for mindfulness and human performance to drive transformative experiences. With a lifelong dedication to learning and exploration, Brandon has immersed himself in the world of biohacking, studying and practicing various methods such as dry sauna/cold plunge, sensory deprivation chambers, biofeedback, and, most importantly, mindfulness.

As the first super-user of MindGym to join the Lumena team, Brandon’s mission is to share his wealth of experience and insights with the world. Through his expertise in communication, meaningful connections, and biohacking, he strives to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and optimize their well-being.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Brandon indulges in his personal interests, including rock climbing, hockey, swing dancing, and playing the piano. These diverse activities fuel his creativity and provide a well-rounded perspective in his approach to both work and life.