Cannon Air Force Base uses MindGym among resiliency teams

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Headshot of Stetson Jenkins, VP of Product at Lumena Labs
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Stetson Jenkins

VP of Product

Stetson Jenkins was born and raised in Gloucester , Virginia and has always been a lifelong learner, builder, and technical engineer. For many years he worked as a network engineer, providing professional design, installation and management of secure high-speed wireless networks for large scale commercial projects. Early in his life, Stetson became very intrigued by the human mind and how meditation and mindfulness practices could transform his outlook on life. He became a self-taught expert in sensory deprivation, audiovisual stimulation, and bio/neuro-feedback. 

In 2018, Stetson was introduced to Lumena at its inception stage and started on the road to built the first commercially available MindGym. As the mastermind behind the MindGym, he’s combined his passion for engineering and mindfulness biohacking to provide experiential access to altered states of consciousness for healing, learning & growth. 

For Stetson, the line between professional and personal life is a bit of a blur. If you don’t find him in the Lumena Lab dreaming up new product features and enhancements, he is in the lab using MindGym for his personal mindset training. You may even find his young kids learning ways to focus and calm themselves at the Lumena Lab. When he does leave the lab, you’ll find him outdoors on mountain tops with his family, in the snow, and near the ocean.. He’s also a passionate amateur mycologist and aids nonprofits all over the US in bringing mycology to young people.